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Customizing Financial Plans for Generations

Celeste Financial Group’s team structure and peer-to-peer advising helps you feel confident, knowing that you’re backed by a tight-knit group of experienced and caring professionals who want to help you prosper in retirement. We apply decades of extensive knowledge to tailor and execute custom plans and strategies and convert them into realistic goals to keep you on track with your financial dreams.

<strong>Money &#38; Lifestyle</strong>

Money & Lifestyle

We build customized plans based on years of loyal relationships and trust to ensure we’re meeting your unique needs for your desired lifestyle.

<strong>Planning For College</strong>

Planning For College

College planning can be complex and overwhelming. We help you organize and plan your goals to better identify and navigate your best-fit options.

<strong>Ready to Retire</strong>

Ready to Retire

Transitioning to retirement is a big change. Our highly customized plans help you confidently and realistically prepare and save for this next stage of your life in every way.

<strong>Generational Wealth</strong>

Generational Wealth

With over 40 decades in the industry, serving and taking care of your family now and for generations to come is a natural extension of what we do.

<strong>AdviceWorks Technology</strong>

AdviceWorks Technology

At Celeste Financial Group, we utilize AdviceWorks to facilitate better collaboration between you and your financial advisor. This easy-to-use digital platform offers a holistic overview of your finances, helps set goals, and measures progress, all in one place.

About Us

Over 40 years of pure financial planning ensures our entire team is behind you with personalized service to help you pursue the future you want.

About Us

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We are a San Diego-based team of financial professionals that works from the belief that many minds are better than one, for holistic financial services.

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