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What We Do For You

From time to time, I get questions from new prospects or friends of clients asking what it is that we really do for you.  In reality, asset management is only a piece of what we do – we are concerned about your well-being, both personal and financial. 


There are times where we are kept awake at night thinking about you and your money, whether you followed up on our referrals to you, or received our friendly reminders.  We’re constantly making To-Do notes to ourselves regarding your situation in various categories – and trying our best to spread them out so as not to overwhelm you.  Financial management is a big task and we are partners in this together. 


From a planning standpoint, we help by organizing your financial situation – helping you define, prioritize, and write down realistic goals often juggling retirement, college funding, and home remodeling and/or travel.  We do this through a series of conversations, joint research, and examining alternatives.  As we go, we get to know you better and find out what matters to you, what makes you tick.  Your plan is dynamic – we review it together over the years and make tweaks and adjustments as necessary.


In short we are here to:

  • Help you go through your statements and convert a pile of paper into a plan to reach realistic goals. 
  • Identify areas of your financial situation to be addressed and present you with options.
  • Help you to consolidate and simplify your investment and retirement accounts.
  • Act as a sounding board to new ideas e.g. refinancing in retirement, or solar roof sales presentations.
  • Review your insurance policies, estate planning, and other areas of your financial life that you may not consider.
  • Introduce you to realtors, mortgage brokers, tax advisors, attorneys, insurance specialists, retirement plan specialists etc. as necessary.
  • Mull over your financial opportunities and possible alternatives – even when you are not in our office.
  • Monitor your investments, hold your hand through market ups and downs, and help to keep you on track with your investment plan. 
  • Partner with your tax advisor and legal advisors to help make life easier for you.
  • Consider your tax implications when developing and implementing your investment plan.
  • For those who need to, help you with your annual IRS required minimum distribution.
  • Help you to consider your options for charitable giving.
  • Be your human glossary when you have questions about investment terms, retirement plans, and employee benefits.
  • Help you to plan and save for your children’s/grandchildren’s college education.
  • Help to educate your children and grandchildren about investments and financial planning.