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Advisory Services & Asset Management

We are in the business of creating customized financial solutions for our clients through our advisory services.  We partner with you to assist in defining and prioritizing your needs vs. wants, develop an individualized financial plan and provide day-to-day asset management to help you reach your goals.  We also see ourselves as your financial hub – as a resource that you can call on when questions that may impact your financial situation come up such as help finding an estate planning attorney, insurance agent, networking for a new job, or just want to talk through a new purchase or entrepreneurial idea - we do our best to help or refer you to the appropriate person.

Our advisory services are fee-based as a percentage of assets that we manage for you.  One of the advantages of fee-based services is that you are paying us for advice - not the latest investment fad.  This enables us to focus on providing you with objective, fiduciary investment advice related to your unique financial situation.

Our preferred clients can be described as those who enjoy either partnering with us and/or delegating to us day-to-day asset management.  Many are looking for advice and a more personal management of their savings than may be offered at a large financial institution or through a 401(k) plan.


Benefits at a Glance:

  • Fee-based asset management aligns our interests with yours as our revenue is directly proportional to your account value --  we 'feel' all the ups and downs of the market with you.
  • As investment advisers, we provide access to advisory share class funds that often have lower internal fund expenses.
  • Advisory fees may be deductible against your federal income taxes - for more details consult your tax professional.
  • Discretionary trading is available with advisory accounts.  This means that you may authorize us to place trades on your behalf (but not account withdrawals except for account maintenance fees) without asking your explicit permission first.  If you travel a lot or are in a business where you are at times unavailable, this feature allows us to continue to with day-to-day account management such as portfolio rebalancing without having to first track you down on vacation or interrupt your business.


Our Preferred Client at a Glance:

  • Is a good fit for us personality-wise – values preparing for their financial well-being, is receptive, pleasant, and committed to working toward their financial goals.  
  • Is comfortable partnering with us and/or delegating to us day-to-day asset management.